A series of faces: Taryn Pt. 1

One thing I love to take photos of the most is people. It is the one subject that is always different and never really a constant despite it even being the same person. Let me explain...

Sometimes you wear jeans, a flannel, and perhaps a hat. Other times you may wear a long flowing skirt layered with jewelry and makeup. These two outfits are COMPLETELY different and depending on your mood, sometimes reflects your image. Everyone is different which is the first major difference in all of us yet we also have the ability to change, evolve, adapt, and have complete control over how we express that image. 

It's always been my favorite to take photos of people because of that ability to become who and what you want, whenever you want. So many different applications of outfits, makeup, accessories, and backdrops can completely change a photograph of the same person. 

Taryn is a gorgeous young lady that I had the honor of photographing for her senior portraits. When I was asked to take her photos, I felt beyond humbled. I was also fortunate enough to assist in the styling of the shoot which is always for me, like playing dress up. 

It's been awhile since I got the chance to really get creative with a portrait session. I was so excited when Taryn was open to trying new things like going out to Rainier for the shoot. It's definitely not the typical spot that most seniors get their portraits taken but I couldn't let the opportunity pass. I wanted to make this very special for her and her mom Shannon. Her mother is seriously one of the kindest people I have ever met out here and has always been extremely supportive of my work. Also-- did I mention she's an incredible assistant?!

I am really looking forward to doing some more portrait work, especially if I ever get the chance to take more photos of Taryn. She was a fantastic model and has impeccable taste when it comes to fashion but maybe I only think that way because I am a huge advocate of Bohemian Chic.