Luna De Miel: Butchart Gardens Part II

The Butchart Gardens definitely did not leave me unimpressed. I found all kinds of different things that were beautiful to photograph. I think one of my favorite aspects of the park was the Japanese gardens. For those of you who know me personally, you know that without a doubt this would of been my favorite part. It had all these different elements that truly made me feel like I was walking through the Imperial Palace

What's the best part of getting married in October? The beautiful foliage of course! Just look at this beautiful Japanese Maple! I just become putty at sights such as this.

Like a little piece of Japan in the middle of Vancouver Island.

They really paid attention to detail with everything that they did in this section of the gardens. Look how beautiful this is! You can see more information regarding these beautiful zen garden's or karesansui here.

This was also a very gorgeous section of the Japanese garden. Bamboos tied together to give this sort of housing effect in the shape of a walk through. It was kind of difficult to get shots of this place without having someone in the photo. Usually I would stand there and wait for the perfect moment but, in this case I preferred having a subject walking through to show the scale of the bamboo.

The colors were seriously unreal. I really want to make it back out there but, next time I go will definitely be in the spring time.

I love the style of pruning used for these trees. Definitely something I would love to have in my back or front yard. 

After posting all of these pictures I really want to plan another trip to Japan! It's safe to say I am overdue for another visit given that I haven't been there since 2009! It was nice to be able to show my husband why I love Japanese architecture and landscape so much. I think he was pretty say the least. This concludes part II of Luna De Miel, be sure to subscribe below for part III! 

As they would say in Japanese またね ! ! (mata ne) or see you later!