Luna De Miel: Butchart Gardens Part III

The last segment of the Butchart Gardens is exceptionally beautiful. It makes you feel like you are in an old storybook. The architecture and hanging gardens really give this place a "tea party" theme. As a matter of fact, High Tea was something I was not very familiar with but seemed to be a big deal in Victoria. The original Butchart house now became a restaurant where they just so happened to do High Tea as well. I was able to snag a few shots of the surrounding area and of the inside of the restaurant before the crowds drew in for tea.

They were doing some work in the courtyard of the house but, I still thought it was pretty cool to see the masters at making this place breathtakingly gorgeous.

The garden boxes from the windows and the plants growing upright onto the house were some of my favorite sites to see. Definitely gave me some good DIY ideas for my home.

Just around the corner from the courtyard, you are greeted by a beautiful rose bush and a private, enclosed garden.

Now here comes my favorite part! The tea room!

Just look at all of this natural lighting! The color scheme in here was just perfect. It had a very romantic vintage yet chic look.

It was really hard to decide whether I liked this place or the Empress better as far as ambience for our High Tea experience. Regardless we enjoyed our tea at the Empress although next time I may just have to try it here. 

Everywhere you turned was a photographic moment. People watching mixed in with the beauty of botanics made for the best photos.

I also took a couple of photos with my point and shoot film camera. This little guy is handy for when I just want to be sort of discreet. It definitely brings a lot less of attention than my Canon does. 

Here's another shot with my p&s film camera. I thought the bathrooms color palette was also pretty awesome! Welp, that concludes the Butchart Gardens portion of my Luna De Miel series, if you've made it this far... you might as well subscribe and see the rest of it :)