Seni + Denise Wedding

There is no greater feeling than that of love. It's what most of us hope and dream for: to find the perfect person. Some of us get lucky, very lucky, and we get to find those people who absolutely complete us. We cherish their love and company so much, that we devote ourselves to them, forever. Seni and Denise were that lucky, and their love really shines through when you are in their presence. 

I have only been fortunate enough to shoot a few weddings but, with each that I do, I am instantly reminded how beautiful and extraordinary a job it is to be a wedding photographer. To be able to document the passionate connection between two people who have just united as one has to be one of the best things to photograph, right? Every day is a happy day and a special day, and you get to document it. Thankful for these two and giving me the pleasure of shooting their wedding. Also, a huge shoutout to Ben Macke for assisting me with this wedding. Hope you enjoy!