Heather Lake: all seasons

A few months ago I grabbed my camera, leashed up my pup, joined some friends, and set out for a day hike at Heather Lake. Heather Lake is a 4.6-mile roundtrip hike in the North Cascades Mountain Loop Highway. Known for it's glorious lake view at the top, this hike is always very heavily trafficked, except on a typical PNW day such as this. I had only done this hike once before but didn't really get the chance to enjoy the exceptional views once I got to the top due to time constraints. With an earlier start to our day this time around, I was able to really embrace all of the gorgeousness that makes this hike easily one of the most sought out day trips in the NW. 


Once you get to the top, it's easy to tell why this place is so admired. It's like something out of a dream. The fog rolled in at the most appropriate of times, right when we arrived. There's something very eerie yet hauntingly gorgeous about fog extending itself through branches of pine. It really creates a mood that truly represents what everyone thinks of when they imagine the PNW. 


The moment the water settles and becomes still, a marvelous display of reflections takes place. It's as if someone laid a very large mirror at the base of the mountain. 

I also brought along with me Black Anchor's newest contribution to the brand, their very own camera bag. When I saw the bag for the first time I immediately fell in love. This bag has it all, style, good size, multi-pockets, and made out of a great weather resistant canvas material that is also lined with gorgeous leather. I was extremely excited to take it out on a test run. The bag held up great for a typical rainy Washington state day. 

If you are ever in Washington state and are looking for a magical picturesque hike then I highly recommend Heather Lake! It is one place that will never disappoint, regardless of the season or weather condition.