Luna De Miel: Streets

My favorite kind of photography is street photography. Streets are filled with disturbance, peace, beauty, terror, construction, and destruction. There is so much that happens every day in the streets that we know so well that we don't even know of. It's incredible the new things you will see when you are roaming the same places you've been to over and over again. Which is why for me, going to a new place and walking about a new city is what I truly look forward to when I am away.

Somehow I always end up meeting some of the most interesting people. This man for instance, was wearing red goggles and was walking around with a crystal in his hand which, if you look closely, you can see it in his shadow. He was making use of the crystal to conduct prisms and create dancing light on the walls. It immediately caught my attention and I really wanted to get a photo of him up close. It wasn't until later this same day we actually met. He was a bit crazed, speaking gibberish mostly but, he was at least kind to me and wished me well when we departed. An interesting character to say the least. I was kind of bummed I didn't get a better photo of him.

Victoria's architecture was as if San Francisco had an affair with England.

The alleys were romantic and inviting. Each alley had different restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and bakeries that really made this place feel intimate. I warmed right up to the small hidden streets as they pulled in my curiosity. 

This place really felt magical. Look! I even found a giant!

So many neat little locations! It was a necessity to get lost here. It was the only way to find all of the best places to see. 

The people are also very friendly which makes street photography even easier. I really enjoyed trying to engage with as many people as I could out there. It was a melting pot of nations and eclectic people.

I even got to see an extremely old Wyland piece. I personally think the age gave this one a great touch. I kind of liked the crackling paint effect to be completely honest. I had never seen one so deteriorated yet so perfectly weathered. 

Golden hour was absolutely beautiful, especially next to the water. 

It was also very mesmerizing viewing the light from within the city.

Victoria still has a lot left for me to see. I only spent a few days in the gorgeous city but so much more awaits me there. Stay tuned for the rest!